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A Blog..Why Though?

This has not been the first time I have tried to maintain a personal blog. I have failed to do so 2 (or was it 3??) times already! So what makes you think you will do so this time, you ask?

Well, I just came back from one hell of a grad trip with my friends! The trip officially marked the end of my life as an undergraduate. No matter which route I take in the maze of paths ahead, I am sure that there are many experiences that are worth sharing! I am as excited as ever to find out what is in store and hopefully keep maintaining this blog along the way.

What to expect

Frankly, I don’t know!! ( I am a very confused guy..remember? ). I am thinking of writing about my experiences, what I learnt from them and definitely some technical stuff (oh yes, I am a geek!)

So yeah, I am not quite sure about what I would be writing about yet but you can expect to read about the experiences of an average guy, blundering through life, written in a simple down-to-earth and sometimes funny way.